A day in our lives


One day years ago, I followed my mom to a farm, it was small groundnuts was the crop we we event to harvest, I did nothing just played around, but I remembered the environment looked somehow like the one above.
So a day in my life I was a farmer.
These guys up there look poor, so poor we call them farmers.
That is what we can see, because their clothes are tattered and they are doing manual work.
What we know, we need food for survival, what they know they need to work for survival.
Everyday we eat, we get it because they farm it.
Do we give them their adequate importance, I don’t think so.
What if a day in our lives we were farmers, perhaps we might give people in that profession their importance.
Nowadays there are farmers with style with , mechanical ways of doing things.
Yet there are still people doing the manual work.


Protection Charm

Protection Charm.

Protection charm


Darkness descended upon Dangoro’s compound whenever the sound of his car was heard. The darkness was not the kind that came when NEPA took light, nor the type that came when the sun has gone below it’s horizon, nor the type that cloudy night brings by hiding the moon and the stars. It was darkness of the heart, children became sorely quite, his wife would become jittery because she doesn’t know how the night would turn out. The workers would not even gossip so as not to make a sound.

The house became glum, everyone sticking to their businesses and lowering their gazes as if they were in a graveyard. That was how Dangoro wanted it, everyone should be subdued and they should know their place.

He took majestic steps as he went into the house, his wife Misbah got down on both knees to greet him before collecting his briefcase and the children imitated their mother.

They went to their rooms and pretended to read while Misbah stood over the table as Dangoro eat, she prayed nothing was wrong with the food or else!!!! Her prayer was not answered. Dangoro spat out something from his mouth.

‘What is this? He asked gravely, before Misbah could look a hot slap landed on her face, then several punches and kicks.

‘Go to the room and kneel down.’ He yelled. Misbah who had fallen hurriedly got up and headed there.


Dangoro was by all means a successful man, he had a big house several cars and his kids attended a good school. He helped his relatives and never let his family need anything material.

But he never laughed, he hated indiscipline and was always strict about everything. That was at home, in his office his subordinates hated him because of his arrogance and sheer wickedness, but his seniors loved him cause he knew how to be submissive and loyal that was why he was the Governor’s best guy. He knew how to take and execute orders. He was the favorite and knew others were jealous of him so when he dreamt that night that the Governor was dancing naked he screamed like a baby, held Misbah tight and cried like a baby.

‘What is it my husband? She asked fear searing through her to see her ironman husband crying.

‘I’m dead.’ He said in between sobs.

‘God forbid, you’re still here with me.’

‘You see, you see I had a bad dream.’ He whimpered.

‘Let’s pray.’ Misbah said and covered her hair.

‘Ok.’ A long silence and a prayer said in the heart sufficed.

‘What do I do now.’

‘We just prayed.’

‘No I need a protection charm so the Governor doesn’t turn against me.’

Misbah thought for a while and said.

‘My uncle Purukaka is a well known cleric I will call him here tomorrow.’


Dangoro sat on the bare floor opposite Purukaka, he wore nothing but his boxers that was one of the instructions the cleric gave alongside that their children should be sent to their grandparents.


‘Someone is against your success.’ Purukaka said staring at the sand on a cloth in front of him.

‘I knew it, I knew it.’ Dangoro said shaking his head.

‘He is a man.’ Puru added.

‘It is that greedy Tijjani, he walked home yesterday with two contracts.’

‘Hmmmm this Tijjani is black.’

‘He is black, very black.’

‘His soul is black, you need a protection charm else the Governor will listen to him from now on.’

‘Please help me.’

‘Hmmm you need inside and outside protection, 100,000 for the outside protection.’

Dangoro sent Misbah to get the money.

‘What of the inside one.’

‘You need to eat and drink the shit and piss of someone who loves you most.’


‘Yes.’ Puru answered coolly.

‘I can’t do that.’

‘You have too, its the only way or Tijjani will win.’

‘So whose shit and piss should I feast on?

‘Your wife’s.’

‘What!!! He screamed as he eyed Misbah with contempt and disgust.

‘Now go Misbah and get it.’ Purukaka ordered and Misbah stood up, shortly she returned with a tray that was well arranged, beautiful ceramic plate and glass tumbler with cutleries.

Purukaka reached into his bag brought out a a surgical mask and covered his nose.

‘Only you should perceive the scent.’ He said when Dangoro’s eyes looked at him questioningly.

Dangoro stared helplessly at the plate of shit and glass of piss, ‘I cant do this.’

‘It’s the only way or Tijjani wins.’

With shaky hands he picked up the fork and took a small portion, he closed his eyes but the fork fell.

‘Hmmmmm let me help you.’ Purukaka said and brought out latex gloves from his bag, he took a spoonful of shit and forced Dangoro’s lips open and pushed it in.

‘Swallow.’ He commanded his hands covering Dangoro’s mouth tightly so he would not spit it out.

Dangoro was crying and shaking his head, with Purukaka’s other hand he slapped Dangoro hard on the back and instinctively he swallowed the shit and the process was repeated three more times by the time Purukaka released him he was crying like a baby.

‘Now the piss.’ Purukaka said and still forced Dangoro to take a gulp which he swallowed after he received the hard slap on his back.

‘The last part now place both your hands on the remaining shit on the plate.’

Dangoro hesitated but obeyed.

‘Now rub from your face down to your toes.’

Hesitantly he still obeyed.

‘Now pour the remaining piss on your head.’

Now crying profusely he still did it.

‘The end.’ Purukaka said.

‘Misbah!!! Come and clear this rubbish from my front.’

‘No you have to wash these utensils by yourself, it’s the only way or Tijjani will win.’

Wailing loudly Dangoro packed the plates and headed to the toilet.


Misbah who had been watching had a hard time controlling her laughter, she then slipped several bundles of Naira notes in Purukaka’s bag and smiled at her husband’s retreating figure

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